Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is a little experiment for me in writing a book draft and doing it online. I'm using a blog to host the thing (obviously) but the navigation will be a little different. Each chapter and subsection will have it's own tag so you can navigate easily through the book that way. There will be only one post, even on the main page. So apart from the comments and the links, this won't look that much like a blog, but I hope the idea is clear enough.

My goal is to get enough content up and in good enough shape, that I can get a serious editor to work with me on improving the text for publication. At this point I'm somewhat agnostic on whether ultimately there will be traditional paper publishing along with this electronic format. Someone other than me needs to make a business judgment about whether there would be any readers for a print version of this stuff. Those of you who are familiar with my blog Lanny On Learning Technology likely will find the writing style similar. (This old dog is being cautious about which new tricks he tries to learn.) It's just that here I'm going to stick to a theme and try to make an extended argument that cuts across the posts in this book.

Also, don't be floored by the date of this post continuing to change. I first tried to set it into the future, but Blogger leaves it unpublished till then. Since I want this post to stay on top as my welcoming message, I'm going to update the date each time I post something else, to keep this the most current.

When I've got a version of the draft that is reasonably stable, I'll post it as a pdf so you can download. That may be more readable than this blog version. Now it is pretty easy to copy the essay only and paste into Word or some other editor. That's a partial solution.

Enjoy. I'd love to learn your reaction either via comments here or by email. Thanks.

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